Why It’s Important to Install a Drainage System

Dispose Wastewater Properly

A drainage system is a set of pipes and septic tanks that keep unwanted water from flooding and spreading throughout a property. It is installed at the foundation of every property, and it features pipes that drain water away from the building. The system includes the following:

Septic Tank

This is a large tank that is buried underground. This is where all the wastewater from your home flows after you take care of your daily needs. This tank has a built-in pump that can keep it filled with wastewater. The pump is connected to the building’s sewage system. It’s important to remember to check your septic tank monthly and to have it pumped every few years.


The pipes that connect the septic tank to the city sewer are also part of the drainage system. They’re made of PVC plastic and feature outlets that are connected to the city’s sewer system. The outlets are located under your home’s sink and kitchen cabinets, but they should be installed properly so you won’t encounter leaks or any issues after the installation. This should drive you to contact and trust professionals for the job.

Leak Detection

In order for a plumber to fix the pipes that drain into the septic tank, they need to know where the leak is. There are several ways a plumber can detect a leak, but the most common one is to shine a flashlight into the drain to see if there is a discernible source of the leak.

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