Why Hire Experts for Drainage Solutions?

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A vital part of your home’s drain system is through the drain pipe. Your drain pipe is the tube that drains water from your home’s first floor drains to the catch basin. It also supplies the water you use in your home like the toilet. If another pipe to the first floor drains breaks, the damage is usually limited to the tub’s drain pipe. Although it is not a frequent occurrence, you can encounter problems that could leave you vulnerable to a plumbing emergency. A plumbing emergency can occur at any time, even during regular business hours. Because the drainpipe is in your home’s basement, the damage is usually more extensive. That’s why it’s best to hire experts for proper drainage solutions to the most typical plumbing emergencies.

Sink Overflows

This is the most common plumbing emergency. If a sink’s drain pipe bursts, the water will often flood the basement. If the pipe is not in a subfloor drain, the water will often seep into the walls near the floor. The water will also flow under the floors if the basement is not built on a grade. The water stains on the floor or basement walls are a sure sign of this plumbing problem.

Broken Water Line

When your water line bursts, water will often seep into your basement. It is important to contact your plumber because water line bursts are not easy to detect. If you smell a rotten egg smell or notice discoloration on the surface of the basement, it is a sign that the water line is leaking and needs to be repaired right away. The water will damage your basement walls if left unchecked.

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