Top 3 Tips for Drain Maintenance From a Drainage Service Expert

Avoid Drainage Problems With Proper Drain Maintenance

Drain maintenance is vital if you want to avoid drainage and plumbing disasters as well as costly call-outs. When it comes to blocked drains, leaking or burst pipes, and any other drainage issues, prevention is the best cure. Trying to fix a problem after it’s happened is always more stressful and more expensive than taking steps to maintain a healthy drainage system in the first place. So, we’ve compiled our top 3 tips for drain maintenance from a drainage service expert, enabling you to prolong your drainage system’s life and avoid any expensive mishaps.

Learn What Not to Put Down Your Drain

It’s important to learn what things will be damaging to your drains. The kitchen drain in particular is one of the most commonly clogged. You may have a washing-up liquid that boasts grease removal, but this isn’t effective for fat. When you pour fat down the kitchen sink, it will cling to the side of your pipes becoming a grease trap that collects bits of food and debris. Eventually, this causes drain clogging.

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Products

It can sometimes be difficult to find the most effective drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaning products will boast their superb effects but often don’t tell the whole story. Many of these products are actually extremely corrosive due to their harsh chemicals. While they’re burning away the blockage in your pipes, they’re also burning away the lining of your pipes. Damaged pipes can result in leaks and even worse: bursts.

Learn How to Unblock Your Drains Properly

As with heavy chemical cleaners, it’s important to know which drain unblockers or drain cleaning methods are right for you. The famous baking soda and vinegar combination is a good way to help with small blockages and remove bad odors from your sink but not for solid blockages. The acidic nature of the soda can also be corrosive for pipes if overdone, so it’s best not to use this method too often.

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