Tips From a Drainage Servicefor Dealing With Rats in Your Drains

Expert Tips for Dealing With Rats in Your Drains

Having rats in your drains can be a serious issue. They not only have the potential to harm your pipes and plumbing system but also put your family’s health at risk. However, rats in your drains may be easily avoided and dealt with by paying attention to this advice from a drainage service.


The most important thing is prevention. You can take several measures to keep rats from ever getting into your drains in the first place. These consist of correctly disposing of rubbish to eradicate food sources and closing any potential access sites, like holes and cracks in your foundation or external walls. Additionally, it’s critical to maintain your drains free of obstructions because rats can be drawn to them. By spotting and resolving minor problems early on, routine drain cleaning can help prevent rat infestations.

Finding the Problem

It’s critical to locate the problem as soon as you suspect a rat infestation in your drains. Check your drains for indicators of rat activity, such as gnaw marks, droppings, and rodent noises. Rats are known to chew through pipes and cause leaks, so you might also notice damage to your plumbing or pipes.

Solving the Rat Problem

There are various ways available to address a rat issue in your drains. Traps may not be appropriate for bigger infestations, although they may be useful in small infestations. Poison or repellents can also be employed as pest control strategies, although these may be damaging to other animals or the environment. It’s best to enlist professional assistance to help with the problem in more serious situations.

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