More About Our Professional Drainage Services in Katy, TX

Do you see puddles in your yard that drown your flower beds? Entire Home Service - Katy has the solution to your problems. Our company is in Katy, TX, and you can use our services that include:

Drainage System Installation

We have the necessary skills and equipment to install a variety of drainage system, depending on the size of your property. It is an in-ground system that prevents a soggy yard. Stop worrying about your water issues and trust our crew who knows how to organize the whole process.

Yard Drainage Repair

Yard Drainage Repair

Drainage System Repair

As you know, all equipment needs regular checkups and repairs. Overflowing pipes and standing water can cause damage. You can contact our technicians every time you notice ponding water around your precious flowers, vegetables, and other vegetation species. We can fix French drains, sump pumps, and other drainage systems.

Sprinkler System Installation

Installing the right sprinkler system is the way to deliver the necessary amount of water and moisture to your vegetation at the right time. We install various automated systems that will avoid spikes in your monthly bills and remove the stress of daily manual irrigation. Never attempt to get the job done on your own as you are likely to fail. Call our professionals instead!

Sprinkler System Repair

Fixing an irrigation system can be a complex process. However, we have the necessary training and qualifications to perform various fixes and replace different parts. For any malfunctions, call our team immediately.

Other Services

When you hire our technicians, you can expect excellent fence and landscaping work too. We can work on projects, such as new fence installation and repair and perform different landscape jobs, involving irrigation, fertilization, lawn mowing, aeration, patio’s, decks outdoor kitchens, and more.

Entire Home Service - Katy is a professional company that prides ourselves with the quick and adequate solutions we suggest to our clients. If your home is based in Katy, TX and you need expert help, call us at (832) 263-8636.

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