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How to Keep Your Drainage System in Top Shape?

Never pour any cleaning materials down your drain pipes. These materials can cause irreparable damage to your drainage system and your septic system. Always use water to clean your drainage pipes. Never use chemicals because they can damage your drainage system and your septic system. Proper drainage solutions can be done by professionals. Here’s how to keep your drainage system in top shape at all times:

Clean the drain once a year

To help prevent clogs, the drain needs to be cleaned and the pipes must be clear of any accretions or gunk that could get stuck and cause a blockage. You can use a drain snake, or a long, flexible, but strong, stream of water through the pipe. This should be done at least once a year. If you don’t have the know-how to do this, it’s best to have a plumber clean the drain. Professionals can get the job seamlessly and safely done with no fuss.

Check the seal

To check for a seal, turn the water on at the cold and hot water lines. If the water does not come on and the drain does not drain, then the seal is bad. Remove the seal from the old drain and install it on the new one. The water supply should start pouring and the drain should drain. If the seal is not installed correctly or the seal is bad, then the water will not come on.

Clean the water inlet and outlet

The inlet and outlet will sit on the bottom of the sink. Use a drain cleaner or soap and water solution to clean both, and rinse with hot water. If you’ve done these steps and the problem persists, call a plumber.

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