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Ignoring Your Drainage System? Know What Will Happen!

The reality is that even the best-designed and best-maintained yard will, at times, cause all the rainwater to flow directly into your home’s drainage system. When this occurs, you have the choice of doing one of two things: either you can ignore the problem, hoping that the drainage system can handle the amounts of water, or you can do a bit of emergency maintenance, allowing you to get by for a while. While the first option is quite tempting, it does have its downsides: ignoring the problem can lead to serious issues that can be expensive to repair, while the second option should only be done by expert drainage service providers. Here’s what will happen if you choose the former than the latter choice:

Large puddles of water in your yard

Large puddles of water are a telltale sign that your system is starting to fail. The water should be going into your home’s drains instead of remaining in your yard. If you see this, you need to get your system fixed right away.

Swollen drainage pipes

You’ll have a hard time determining if your drainage pipes are too small or too large. However, one sure sign that your system is failing is when your pipes start to swell up or become stuck. If this happens, you should call a drainage contractor to help you with the problem.

Sewer backups

Sewer backups are a telltale sign that your system is struggling. In order for a sewer backup to occur, the water in your drainage pipes has to flow into the sewer line instead of the house drain. If you start to see this problem, you’ll want to call a professional drainage contractor.

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