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Here’s Why Good Drainage Is Important for Your Lawn and Yard

Some property owners believe that landscape drainage isn’t important, while others don’t even think of it at all. However, as a homeowner, you have to realize that creating a good drainage system in your lawn and yard should be one of your priorities. We’re saying this only because we offer a drainage service but also because having proper drainage provides numerous benefits, including the following:

It keeps your lawns and plants healthy.

If soil isn’t properly drained from your landscaping, it can end up pooling in certain parts of your lawn or yard and causing the soil to become waterlogged. When this happens, the roots of your lawn grass, trees, and other plants can end up “drowning” and losing the ability to take in enough air. Poor drainage also creates the ideal environment for root rot and other types of fungus to develop, which can lead to significant plant damage.

It protects your property from water damage.

Aside from destroying your plants, poor landscaping drainage can also put your property at risk for water damage. Remember: a good drainage system channels water away from your house and ensures that it won’t seep into the soil and reach your house’s foundation. Without it, your foundation will be exposed to excessive water, which can weaken its walls and make them prone to cracking, bowing, and developing many other issues. This, in turn, will affect the structural integrity of your entire house and create problems that are difficult and expensive to fix.

Having good landscape drainage can provide a wide range of benefits, so you need to make it one of your priorities. Don’t worry since Entire Home Service - Katy is always ready to help you with this task! We are based in Katy, TX, and we provide top-notch drainage service to our customers. Get in touch with us now at (832) 263-8636 and use our professional solutions!

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