Effective Drainage Solutions for Sloped Yards

Having Drainage Problems With Sloped Yards?

If you have a sloped yard, it can be difficult to create a solution for drainage problems that will work effectively. This is especially true if you have heavy clay soil or if rainwater runs downhill into the foundation of your house or building. In these cases, you need to look at different options to address your drainage issues for sloped yards and make sure they stay effective over time. Here we’ll discuss some effective drainage solutions for sloped yards at home.

Locate the lowest point of the property.

The first step is to locate the lowest point on the property. This can be a natural depression or low spot, or it can be a man made drainage swale. To find your starting point, dig a hole and see where water flows out of it before flowing back into the area where you want to install your drainage system. You may need to do this multiple times until you get an accurate measurement of how deep down your yard is sloped.

Create a tilted foundation and grade your yard.

Create a tilted foundation or terrace to keep water from running downhill too quickly and eroding the soil. You’ll want to build the terrace with permanently stable materials depending on what your landscape needs. Also, grade your yard so that it slopes away from buildings and foundations on your property. This will help to reduce the amount of water that flows onto the foundation or building, which could cause problems down the road if not dealt with properly.

Plant dense and deep-rooted plants.

Plant dense, deep-rooted grasses on all sides of the terrace so that the roots will help hold the soil in place. Also, consider adding shade trees to help hold moisture in the soil and shade out sun-loving plant species that can steal moisture from grasses. Plants and trees can help absorb any water and moisture present in your sloped yards.

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