Drainage Solutions Tips

Solving Common Drainage Problems

Lawn drainage is a common issue that many property owners face. Because of land grading, soil composition, and various other factors, landscape drainage solutions are needed to prevent a home and landscape from becoming flooded. Various techniques can be used to resolve such issues. Listed below are the top three solutions for poor drainage.

Top Solutions for Poor Lawn Drainage

Improve Soil Permeability

This needs to be a priority when dealing with drainage issues. The likes of shrubs, trees, and grassroots will often create a thick mass that will prevent water penetration. Adding compaction to your soil makes it almost impenetrable to water. To reduce this aerate your landscape by adding compost and organic matter.

Use Your Gutters to Divert Excess Water

Your yard may find it difficult to absorb excess water. If your lawn is surrounded by large roofs or driveways that spill rainwater toward your yard, lawn drainage will be a problem. You can use your gutters to divert this from your yard. However, make sure that the water doesn’t end up creating more problems. French drains are also a good way to divert excess water. If they are properly installed, most of the water that comes from the roof will be diverted to the sewer system.

Improve Your Landscapes Topography

The orientation of your landscape should be able to remove water away from your home naturally. A lawn must have a slight slope that goes away from your house. This way, rainwater flows naturally away from your home. If you know that your drainage problems could be solved by changing the topography of your yard, consider reshaping it. Make the slope minor but regular as depressions will result in water accumulating in one place.

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