Drainage Solutions for 2023

Innovative Drainage Solutions for 2023

Yard drainage is often the most overlooked component of a home’s plumbing system. As poor yard drainage creates a breeding ground for insects, mosquitoes, and stagnant water, it is wise to tackle such problems promptly. Both of these will present health issues for the occupants. Additional concerns include the destruction of plants, shrubbery, and the potential for trip and fall accidents. So if your property suffers from any of these, you need to find some drainage solutions that may help your dilemma.

Clogged Yard Drains

Several things can clog drains. Because many drains are found close to a grassy area, the usual culprits are trash, leaves, grass, and twigs. Making it a good idea to check your drains periodically.

It is not advisable to flush the drains with the debris in place with a garden hose, as such items will end up clogging the pipe. If there is a long-standing problem with debris being clogged, then a sewer cleaning or water jet will be needed. In some cases pushing a pressurized garden hose in and out of the drain pipe will help to flush the debris out.

Dirt and Debris in The Yard Drain

During the Fall, more dirt and debris will usually enter the yard drain. As the leaves start to dry and fall from the trees, many can become lodged under the grate. So performing regular yard maintenance and cleaning will help to prevent clogging. And, before the Spring rains begin, ensure that the yard drain gratings are clean and debris free. This essential tip can save you from a flood or property damage. This is especially important if the drain is located close to an entryway or garage.

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