Drainage Contractor Maintenance Tips

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Drainage System

The best way that you can maintain a healthy drainage system is with prevention. So, if you are careful in what you put down your drains, the chances are high that you will not need to call in a professional drainage contractor to come and clear blockages.

The very first step to prevent clogged drains is to clean them regularly. Certain tasks, when done often, can help prevent problems with your drains, to begin with. But when things go wrong, as they tend to, below are a few tips to maintain a healthy drainage system. Just as you clean your home, you can clean and maintain your drains too. Keeping your drains clean is just as important as keeping your bathroom and your kitchen clean.

Some drains do need to be checked more often, and in particular, the tub, shower, and bathroom sink. These are usually where hair is a problem. It may not sound like much, but it doesn’t take much to block a drain.

Drain Guards

Using one of these will greatly reduce the amount of waste that is washed down your sink. They are small, plastic, or metal grate-like disks that will sit over your plug and collect debris, after which you can then remove and throw away. Also, you can buy a drain guard for the shower to catch any hair or other debris that is often washed down the drains.

Remember: dispose of any non-dissolvable products, such as oil, cooking fats, and coffee grounds in the correct manner. This also goes for toilets – female products, and nappies should never be flushed down them.

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