An Intelligent and Skilled Drainage Contractor in Katy, TX

Do you dread heavy rainfall due to the lack of proper drainage in your yard? Consider your issues solved with the help of Entire Home Service - Katy. We are a professional drainage contractor operating in Katy, TX. Our crew installs and repairs both drainage and irrigation systems. We serve the residential property owners in the proximity and will be extremely happy to build your functional outdoor kitchen, deck, or patio. We provide reliable landscaping and fencing services, too.

The Story of Our Business

Our business dates back to 2014, but we have been in this industry for 22 years. We know everything that we need to know about the installation and maintenance of different drainage systems and sprinklers. You can contact our company if you have problems with the beauty and health of your plants and wonder how to make your yard a more attractive and safer place. As a  drainage service provider, we are licensed and certified, and we offer warranties on new installations and repairs.

Drainage Service

Efficient and Effective Services

Working with a trustworthy drainage contractor is always a worthwhile endeavor. We are knowledgeable technicians who are familiar with the local codes when it comes to installing such equipment or building outdoor structures. Your home can be a Garden of Eden, and you can finally find relief from the constant ponding on your lawn. Get rid of those threats to your property and take advantage of our efficient and cost-effective services. You can get a free estimate as well.

For comprehensive yard care and maintenance, do not skip our drainage service provider in Katy, TX. Entire Home Service - Katy will serve you with integrity and professionalism. Call our specialists at (832) 263-8636 today!

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